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free websites and apps

12 Oct

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Save and Win

25 Sep


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Women in Web Design

25 Sep

Image A couple of weeks ago we published the article Expert Advice for Students and Young Web Designers, in which we presented a group interview with professional designers and developers. We tried to find answers to questions that are particularly useful and interesting for those just starting to design websites for a living or considering diving into the Web design industry.

In the comments to that article, many readers wished we’d invited more female designers on the panel — in particular because, “There is no way of discerning how the experience of a female designer might differ, simply because there is a complete lack of representation.” So, we decided to prepare an article featuring specifically professional women designers giving their expert advice for young Web designers.

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Download our app and save

25 Sep

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brings back laughs

25 Sep




25 Sep


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Your company is as good as its content?

22 Aug

slider_img_left1 Let us help your business grow, If your business is new, concentrate on name recognition. You want people to know that you exist. Mix in some product / service advertising to draw more customers.

If you are well established in the area, go for a product / service ad. In my rural area, everyone knows who the hometown jeweler is, who the pharmacy is, who the florist is, who the car dealer is. The name is recognized, but that doesn’t mean potential customers are beating down the doors. Highlight products for sale. People are impulsive. They see, they want, they buy. They need to see your product in your ad as much as possible so when they need it, they go to you.

Why dose your Company need a Mobile App?

22 Aug

mobile-phone-apps-1024x990 Those smartphone users are growing accustomed to being able to find the information they need whenever they want, wherever they want. Because some of these people will be your customers or potential customers, you need to be on mobile in some capacity. But how?

A lot of companies struggle with whether it’s better to have a mobile app, a mobile website, or both. But really, it depends on the purpose of your business, the nature of your customer, and a lot of other factors. Some businesses will be best off with a functional mobile website, some will make more sense as a standalone app, and some businesses will have both. Get yours today for only $249. Visit

Should you pay for SEO Marketing?

6 Oct

slider_img_right1SEO advertising refers to Search Engine Optimization. This form of advertising assures that a person or companies web site is optimized for inclusion in varies search engines. The process on SEO is to include certain key features in a website so that the web site can be found on the internet when a perspective prospect is searching for a particular product or service.
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